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Furniture making is where woodworkers bring their skills and design together with the wood to create wonderful functional pieces.

Furniture making is also one of those areas where a little bit of knowledge, practice and encouragement go a long way.

Successful furniture makers, whether professional or amateur, show great pragmatism; good knowledge of process, tools, materials and design; and have developed good problem solving skills.

Our classes are designed to help you develop those skills and the knowledge you'll need to create furniture.

You won't leave our classes a master furnituremaker but you'll have a great understanding of the next steps you need take and how to practice the skills you'll need.

Much of furniture making and woodworking is about practice - getting to the point where you feel confident in your work. That confidence comes from having skilled instructors who can encourage and coach you with those skills.  A dovetail a day works wonders for your hand eye co-ordination.

Our instructors can help you frame and answer the questions you have. We maintain a good student / staff ratio so that you'll get a quick answer to your question.

Plus the answer is not encouragement to buy a new tool or make a jig but to help you develop a better understanding of how you can solve the problem with the tools you have.

2014 Furniture Making Classes

Furniture Making - Getting Started (Level I)

Jan 7 - March 29
Sept 30 - Dec 20
Woodworking Foundation Course Faculty
January - March
Basics of Woodworking  Jim Tolpin
  and Faculty
April 7 - 11 Green Woodworking: Making a Shave Horse and Stool Steve Habersetzer and Greg Kossow

Furniture Making - Developing your Skills (Level II)

April 12 - 13 Greene and Greene Details I Darrell Peart 
May 3 - 4 Greene and Greene Details II Darrell Peart
May 19 - 23 Build a Nightstand Jeff Miller
May 26 - 31 Continuous Arm Windsor Chair Peter Galbert
June 2 - 6 Chair Making Tom Dolese
September 1 - 5 Precision with Hand Tools Garrett Hack
September8 - 12 Cabinet Curiosities Garrett Hack

Furniture Making - Techniques

April 28 - May 2 Out of Square Seth Rolland

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