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Introducing our Local Accommodation Partners


Many of the students who come to the School choose to stay at Fort Worden; others prefer to stay in Port Townsend - Downtown or Uptown. We’ve partnered with selected Port Townsend hotels, motels and B&B’s to offer discounted lodging rates to students attending classes at the School. 
Accommodations are very seasonal in Port Townsend and many of these establishments can offer good discounts outside the Summer months. 
  • Please call them and speak directly with the Innkeeper. The School cannot make reservations for you.
  • Identify yourself as a student taking classes at the School, and ask about the “School of Woodworking student discount rates”
  • Discounts will vary -  based on length of stay, week day vs weekend, time of year, etc.
Hints and tips:
  • Some of the establsihments will offer an additional discount if you do not require full hospitality service. For example:
    • Breakfast, if offered, might be waived
    • Full, daily linen & housekeeping might be changed to every second or third day
  • Also, some establishments offer less “luxurious,” but still perfectly adequate accommodations at lower prices.
  • Call and explore possible options.
Hotels & Motels
Aladdin Motor Inn 360-385-3747 800-281-3747 2333 Washington St
Port Townsend
Ann Starrett Mansion 360-385-3205 800-321-3205 744 Clay St
Port Townsend
Belmont Hotel 360-385-3007   925 Water St
Port Townsend
Bishop Victorian Hotel 360-385-6122 800-824-4738 714 Washington St
Port Townsend
Harborside Inn 360-385-7909 800-942-5960 330 Benedict St
Port Townsend
Inn at Waterfront Place 360-385-6957   632A Waterfront Place
Port Townsend
Manresa Castle 360-385-5750 800-732-1281 7th and Sheridan
Port Townsend
Palace Hotel 360-385-0773 800-962-0741 1004 Water St
Port Townsend
Port Townsend Inn 360-385-2211 800-216-4985 2020 Washington St
Port Townsend
Swan Hotel and Cottages 360-385-6122 800-824-4738 222 Monroe St
Port Townsend
Tides Inn 360-385-0595 800-822-8696 1807 Water St
Port Townsend
Water Street Hotel 360-385-5467 800-735-9810 635 Water St
Port Townsend
Bed & Breakfasts
Amber Lights  360-390-5712


4042 Hastings Ave W 
Port Townsend
Blue Gull Inn 360-379-3241 888-700-0205 1310 Clay St,
Port Townsend
Commander's Beach House 360-385-1778 888-385-1778 400 Hudson St
Port Townsend
Inn at McCurdy House 360-379-4824   405 Taylor St
Port Townsend
Old Consulate Inn 360-385-6753 800-300-6753 313 Walker St
Port Townsend
Quimper Inn 360-385-1060 800-557-1060 1306 Franklin St
Port Townsend
Takaki House 360-385-9784   1617 Washington St
Port Townsend
Thornton House 360-385-6670   1132 Garfield St
Port Townsend

Please note: All these accommodations are in the Washington 98368 Zip Code


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