Mouldings in Practice
with Matt Bickford

Hand Tool Woodworking Series Level: Level II/III


This class is taught by Matt Bickford, author of Mouldings in Practice from Lost Art Press.
Stop making compromises with your router. Stop getting close enough. Learn how to use some of the most common moulding planes of the past to get the exact edge you are after.
Hollows and rounds do not make specific profiles - they make specific arcs. Learn to transform these few arcs into scores of various profiles.
From layout to execution, this class will focus on creating various mouldings with these extraordinarily versatile planes. The class will start off with maintaining the cutting edge, then move to laying out and ultimately sticking (planing) several mouldings that will range from simple coves and ovolos through ogees, cymas and various combinations.
The class will focus on hollows and rounds sized 6 and 10 along with a rabbet plane. Students will have the opportunity to bring their own performing planes or they can use newly made planes by M. S. Bickford, planemaker. Students will also have the opportunity to use a larger range of planes.
Each student will leave with a picture frame and the ability to transfer mouldings they see in person or print into wood and onto their project.
Please note: We're offering this class twice. We need both classes to fill to run either class. If you can join us for the Thursday / Friday course we encourage you to opt for that class.

Class Description

Day 1

  • Setting up and using rabbet and moulding planes
  • Cutting rabbets and chamfers with rabbet planes
  • Using rabbets and chamfers to steer planes and gauge progress
  • Make approximately a dozen different profiles with a single pair of hollows/rounds
    • coves
    • ovolos
    • bullnose
    • cove/ovolos
    • ogees
    • reverse ogees
    • sharpening and maintaining planes
    • layout of complex profiles

Day 2

  • Transfer profiles from wood onto paper: taking measured drawing and laying out rabbets, chamfers, fillets, etc.
  • Introduce second pair of hollows and rounds
  • Make several more profiles with 2 pairs of hollows and rounds.
  • See how increasing pairs exponentially increases options
  • Introduce snipes bills and side rounds
  • Make a picture frame


  • Marking gauge (tite mark is highly recommended)
  • Small circle template, 
  • Hammer/ side brass and one side not metal (i.e. leather, plastic, dead blow, wood)
  • Adjustable square (4" double square is perfect)

More about this class


You should have hand tool skills equivalent to taking Jim Tolpin's Hand Tool Heaven Class or have completed the projects in Jim's The New Traditional Woodworker.

Class Information and Registration

Class starts at 9:00am on the first day.

Please read our What to Expect page for general information about the School.

Please also read our Registration Policy.

Class size: 10
Cost: $325
Materials Charge: $45

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